TD4 Bench Black / Oak

Timeless, simple, sleek and functional: that is the TD4 dining table bench. This bench, designed by De Machinekamer, has the same characteristic design as the TD4 table, so the two fit together beautifully. The TD4 dining table bench gives your dining area a more open and cosy character without taking up much space.

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From school table to dining table bench

The TD4 dining table bench originated from the increasing demand for dining room benches. The dining table bench is a new design, designed by De Machinekamer and in line with the reissue of the TD4 table. The TD4 dining table bench is a special design. You may be familiar with the bench because it is based on the steel school tables from the 1960s. All elements are structurally the same as the steel school table and the design with the clean lines and characteristic compass-shaped legs have also been adopted. The iconic design is timeless, simple, sleek and functional.


A dining table bench made of folded sheet steel and solid wood

The frame of the TD4 dining table bench is made of folded sheet steel. This gives the dining table bench the distinctive character that can also be found with the TD4 table. A powder-coat gives the frame a nice colour. The wooden seat of the TD4 table is made of solid wood. You can choose from beech, oak or walnut. The solid wood is smooth and softly finished in oil or varnish and therefore has a light appearance.


An open and pleasant character

The dining room sofa is the ideal way to create seating space in a limited space, this gives a dining area a more open and cosy character. The clean lines, the simplism and the characteristic compass-shaped legs of the dining table bench ensure that the bench fits perfectly in various interior styles. Due to its industrial origins, the TD4 dining table bench fits perfectly in an industrial interior. The bench can also be combined with other pieces of furniture from the Galvanitas Compass Collection. Add the Galvanitas S16 industrial school chair and the TD4 table, for example, and the picture is complete.


A dining table bench that matches your wishes 

The TD4 is available in different colours. You can determine the colour for both the frame and the seating so that the dining table bench can fully meet your requirements. You can also choose from different sizes for the bench. This makes the sofa perfect to combine with the TD4 dining table. For different sizes and wishes, you can contact De Machinekamer.


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