The Galvanitas S16 chair, the pioneer of the renowned Galvanitas Compass Collection, boasts a slender yet robust design with a frame and compass legs made of pressed sheet steel. This revolutionary approach set it apart from the conventional tubular constructions of its time. Originally a staple in schools, the S16’s minimalist and industrial aesthetic has made it a highly popular choice in contemporary interiors.

Designed in the late 1950s and early 1960s by Galvanitas, the S16 features compass legs and a frame crafted for durability and affordability. Built for intensive use in public spaces, the S16 is a symbol of Dutch industrial design, sought after worldwide.

Today, De Machinekamer offers brand-new S16 chairs that faithfully replicate the originals, allowing you to bring this timeless classic into your home with a modern twist. With a variety of color options, the Galvanitas S16 remains an icon of style and quality.